As with a typo or spelling error, a lack of clarity, coherence and consistency or disregard for local linguistic and cultural conventions can undermine the professional credibility and competence of the writer in the eyes of the reader. Therefore, in addition to correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation, some texts may also require a review of the content and structure in order to improve flow and consistency and ensure that the text has the desired effect on the reader. As a native English speaker with extensive experience of reviewing and editing texts as part of my work, I can help you produce flawless, coherent and engaging copy that is always on-brand and on-message.


First impressions count and the hard work that goes into creating fabulous, engaging copy can easily be undone by a simple missed typo, grammar mistake or syntactical error. It makes sense, therefore, to seek the help of a professional before publishing or sending any important content. This small investment will not only save you time and money but will also enhance your chances of success by maximizing the intended effect of your text. As a seasoned language professional, I can help you nip any potentially embarrassing and costly issues with your English written content in the bud and ensure that your words make the right impression from the outset.

Translation Review

Much like the proofreading and editing process, a review ensures that your translated text is accurate, fluid, consistent and complete. It differs in that it involves comparing the translation against the original to check that it accurately conveys the intended meaning of the source text. A competent reviewer will also ensure that the style and tone of the resulting text are in line with the client’s requirements and that it conforms to the expectations of the target audience. I can help you check any documents that have been translated elsewhere to ensure that they are accurate, intelligible and fit for purpose.